Cavity Wall and Loft insulation

Satdraft can assist you to achieve a more self sustainable home

Did you know if you house has not been sufficiently insulated you could be loosing heat up to 35% through your walls and 25% threw your roof !

If your home was Built from 1920-2000 and is of Brick & Brick or Block construction with a cavity then you probably qualify to receive upgraded insulation which will start to reduce your heating bills from 115 -200 per year , depending on the size of your house.

There are various Government grants available that can help you with this upgrade, If you are on various Benefits or over the age of 70 then you can receive your insulation for FREE If not then the cheapest company we have found can do walls and loft installations at 129 each.

% showing heat loss through house without cavity wall or loft insulation

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cavity wall insulation on house

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