Solar Energy

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Benefits of Solar Photovoltaic Panels!

Are Photovoltaic Solar Panels Suitable for Me?

Solar photovoltaic panels can be installed to almost any house, they do require significant roof space or alternatively they can be fitted to an A frame and installed in the garden

What are the Costs and Savings Involved?

The financial benefits and initial costs for your solar photovoltaic system depends greatly on the size of the system that you require. Examples of standard systems can be found on Solar Prices and Savings.

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In the current climate using a renewable electricity solution like solar photovoltaic panels makes total sense as it dramatically reduces your C02 emissions as well as making sense financially as traditional energy prices increase year on year and the new clean energy cash back scheme. To be eligible for these feed in tariffs your solar systems has to be installed by a registered solar panel installer.

Photovoltaic solar panels, sometimes referred to as Solar PV, are the primary solution for households and businesses to generate solar electricity. If you are looking to generate hot water then please look at our Solar Hot Water Information Pages.

Investing in solar photovoltaic panels to generate much, if not all, of your electricity needs has never made more sense than it does right now. There are government grants available for many to put towards the cost of the solar panel installation through schemes aimed at improving the energy efficiency of UK homes as well as the new Feed in Tariff (FIT) scheme meaning that you will be paid for the solar electricity you actually use. Find out more about Grants for Solar Panels.