Satdraft can assist you to achieve a more self sustainable home

Does Your car sit out on tha main road ? Do you have a drive up the side of your house? Could you do with more space for storage ? would a workshop be handy. Added property value ! cheeper car insurance ! If you have the space around your property with good enough access then a Garage addition may be a good idea.

Garages can be Constructed realatively cheeply and the return for the costs payed are very benificial for your property value. They can be added to also , you may want another bedroom above , a terrace, study, office, etc It really depends on what you need the extra space for and the amount of budget you have ,we can easily help you draw a a solution.

Planning & Warrant

Planning permission will be required for any type of garage whether it is attached to your house or on your land . Agriculural outbuildings are 1 of the excepions because they are usually used for various types of storage anyway. Warrant is required for any garage that is more than 30m2 . You require construction drawings for pricing and for the builder to work from.

Feel free to give us a call we can guide you through the process.

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